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Cocomax, Exploring Coconut Wonders

Asiatic launches functional coconut water drinks in THAIFEX - World of Food Asia 2011, Bangkok, Thailand.


The new product, Cocomax, has 3 variants; 100% coconut water, Isotonic coconut water,and natural sports drink. The products is based on consumer’s demands of modern natural coconut water drink, which has been spreading from coconut water popularity trend in USA, where many big players in beverage business has stepped. The result is a fast growing  product category in the recent years.

The product features are – made from fresh coconut juice, not concentrate, because of plentiful coconut water supply in Thailand. For Isotonic variant, it is the only Isotonic drink from nature. For sports drink, electrolytes from natural coconut water.

  “The target of these product will be export market, like USA, the Middle East and Australia. Because of the demand of healthy drink for active lifestyle.”  said Nat Visuthikraisee, Deputy General Manager of Asiatic.  

Available in 280ml and 500ml PET bottle and 310ml aluminium can, the products are ready for shipment within 2 months. To taste the real product and contact, visit us at FOOD TAIPEI 2011 JUNE 22-25, 2011 WORLD FOOD MOSCOW 2011 SEP 13-16 2011 IN RUSSIA.

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