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Coconut water, Caribbean beach life and the party
Nat visutthikraisee,
"In Barbados, we love a good Rum and Coconut water."

For someone who grew up in a Caribbean island, they can vouch for coconut being a very refreshing drink during and after a run. Just walking along the street and you would see many coconut vendors who are very skillful with their cutlasses in opening the coconuts.

  "Having been raised in the Island of Puerto Rico I can tell you that drinking coconut water is part of your daily life. You see the roadside stands full of coconuts."  

In Acapulco, Cancun and Cabo you cannot sit at any of these beaches and not have a Coco Loco. They chop off the top of a fresh coconut, a little vodka, rum and som tequila.

  "Rio is very hot no matter what season we have. We walk a lot, we drive very hard and face traffic jams all around, and when we do explore the city our body demands FUEL, and one of the best medicines are AGUA DE COCO. Coconut water, the Americans says COCONUT WATE and the English says COCONUT MILK. I stay with the Americans because what we have inside the coconut is WATER, and I tell you, it is a miracle of HANGOVERS!"

Rafael Torres Lopes

Coconut water can also help cure a hangover. As any experienced drinkers know, a big part of a hangover is dehydration. Ethanol (or drink alcohol) causes increased urine production that prevents the body from taking in the water it needs. This is often what causes the headaches associated with a hangover.

To help that symptom, you can drink coconut water. Coconut water's hydration abilities are so powerful that it is used for intravenous hydration in some developing countries where medical saline is not available. That hydrating ability can help to kill a hangover headache, though it won't necessarily cure all your hangover symptoms.

  "Potassium is what you need to cure a hangover. Yeaterday I got rid of a lingering headache with a serving of coconut water."  

Good for mixer, great for morning after. It seems a Caribbean style party is never completed without coconut water.


"My way" coconut water, will be launched in Foodex Japan 2011, Makuhari Messes, Halls 1-8, Shiba city, JAPAN, on March 1-4, 2011. The product is produced by Asiatic Agro Industry, one of the top 3 of coconut product producer from Thailand.

Coconut water, reggae music, party and the beach life.
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